Relaxation techniques in meditation

Meditation is used to achieve many purposes including Stress management too. here we will discuss few relaxation techniques.

Meditation utilizes body’s natural relaxation mechanism as a powerful tool against stress. Relaxation techniques when followed properly markedly relax person’s mind and body and relieves stress. These relaxation techniques make use of breathing, visual imagination, muscle relaxation, etc.

When these relaxation techniques are practiced regularly they lead to an overall reduction in everyday stress levels and improve the feeling of joy and well being to the person who performs the meditation.

relaxation meditation techniques

These relaxation techniques also help the practitioner to stay calm and have control on adverse emotional situations.

He is an example relaxation techniques. Follow these steps to achieve overall body and mind relaxation.

Relaxation technique

  1. Sit quietly in a comfortable place for meditation
  2. Dim or no light and no distracting sounds. Make it as quiet as possible.
  3. Close your eyes
  4. Start relaxing your muscles from the bottom. And from your feet move up progressively.
  5. Focus on your breathing while doing this. Breath in deeply and comfortably and then breath out.
  6. If you have not practiced empty mind meditation technique before, then simply try to avoid distraction by other meditation methods (discussed below)

Do this relaxation technique for almost fifteen minutes.

Main thing in meditation is to avoid distraction so that concentration can be improved. There are various concentration techniques in meditation to achieve this.

Avoiding distractions during meditation

There are other ways to avoid distraction while practicing this relaxation technique or any other meditation techniques too. Such as:

1. Focusing on an object

The person practicing relaxation techniques or some other meditation techniques can focus all their attention on some object. Look at it as if you have to imprint it’s image on your eyes and brain. Examine its shape, color, texture and so on. You can use any object around you for that purpose during meditation. A wall clock, a cup on the table, or anything in front of you while performing this relaxation technique.

2. Focusing on a Sound

This is achieved by focusing all the attention on an object while meditating. While performing relaxation techniques, you can focus all your attention on some sound. This could be your own breath sound, or some “noise”. Please note, here noise do not mean disturbing sounds. This meditation noise refers to white noise, brown noise or pink noise to be used for relaxation technique.

3. Focusing on some Imaginary thing

This can combine both 1st and second method of meditation concentration discussed above. However, first one, visual imagination, is used more for concentration purpose. So in our relaxation technique, we will use visual imagination to improve our concentration while meditating. We can focus on any imaginary object. Such as some cup (not in front of you) while keeping the eyes close. Or some place, like Khana Kaaba or any other place of interest to improve your concentrating during the meditation and help in relaxation technique.

Please note, the purpose of these concentration exercises is to improve the focus while meditating. Make sure you do it in a manner that they help you in relaxation technique, not distract you from the main meditation!

How to forget something about past

Want to forget about something? There are various methods of removing some bad or negative memory from your mind but here we will discuss a very simple and affective method about how to forget something.

This method is helpful if you have some bad memories from your past, any bad incident that happened to you, or any negative feelings and thoughts about your partners (girlfriend, boyfriend or husband wife). Works for those who want to know how to forget the past!

How to forget something about past

  1. to forget something, stop taking to anyone about the incident. Stop asking him / her about any more questions and details from this very moment, also saying why you did it, bla bla, just stop all that, so that we are left with dealing with the part involving your thoughts only
  2. make a list of events / things that bother you and which you want to take out of your mind (you can add to list later on too)
  3. sit down alone, in a calm quiet place, empty your mind for few minutes, from every thought not just the thought you want to forget, and do this:
how to forget mistakes of the past

speak the sentence like: “remove all thought about that event (while bringing the event in mind)” and press your left hands index fingers nail with the index finger and thumb of the other hand, feel the movement of energy in your body and release the finger.

Repeat this with whatever you want to remove. Like do this: find all negative thought’s about her, press finger, remove all thoughts, press finger, clear all, press finger and so on.

make a habit of doing it whenever you get any feeling, just calm down n say remove this feeling.

This will start working immediately within few seconds. Let it work for 30 minutes or so and you will feel reasonable difference in your state of mind! If you keep getting the thoughts repeat the process whenever you get those feelings.

If you have any queries or suggestions related to how to forget something about your past, please share through comments!

Psiballs – how to make energy balls

Psiball is created by moving psi energy to any desired location. The form of the psiball, obviously, is usually spherical, like a ball!

The size of the psiballs is not universal, they can either be very big, or small depending upon their use or your will.

If you practice hard you can also make a visible psiball. So let’s begin with it.

How to make a psiball


  • Sit down in a comfortable position.
  • Place your hands facing towards each other but don’t let them touch but in comfortable position.
  • keep the fingers of your hands close


First of all imagine psi / energy in your solar region. (Solar region is in the mid line just where your ribs end.) You can imagine psi as whatever you have in mind about it. Could be like water, light, fire, smoke, whatever your impression about it was.

Now imagine this energy moving from solar to your shoulders, then to arm, and eventually to your hands. Keep it slow and keep focusing. Keep the energy in your hands for a few seconds then move it back to the solar plexus where it started moving from.

how to make a psiball

Once you are comfortable in moving the energy back and forth, this time let is flow out of your hands / fingers and collect between your hands into a hollow sphere. Keep focusing on this for some time until you feel the ball between your two hands.

Now how will you know that it is there? When the psiball is between your hands (comfortable and relaxed hands, not tensed for beginners) you will feel one or all of these:

  • warmth on your palm surface
  • tingling or feeling like ants are moving on your palms
  • attraction or repulsion between your hands

If you get such feeling, then it means the psiball is successfully made and you have psi energy ball between your hands.

Now it’s time to play with it a little. First of all, make it denser. Add more and more energy to it. Try to feel the repulsion as much as you can and increase it more and more. Fill the ball with energy and keep making it dense.

Also try moving the ball from one place to another, to only one hand, from one hand to other, compress it, expand it, and so on.