Psiballs – how to make energy balls

Psiball is created by moving psi energy to any desired location. The form of the psiball, obviously, is usually spherical, like a ball!

The size of the psiballs is not universal, they can either be very big, or small depending upon their use or your will.

If you practice hard you can also make a visible psiball. So let’s begin with it.

How to make a psiball


  • Sit down in a comfortable position.
  • Place your hands facing towards each other but don’t let them touch but in comfortable position.
  • keep the fingers of your hands close


First of all imagine psi / energy in your solar region. (Solar region is in the mid line just where your ribs end.) You can imagine psi as whatever you have in mind about it. Could be like water, light, fire, smoke, whatever your impression about it was.

Now imagine this energy moving from solar to your shoulders, then to arm, and eventually to your hands. Keep it slow and keep focusing. Keep the energy in your hands for a few seconds then move it back to the solar plexus where it started moving from.

how to make a psiball

Once you are comfortable in moving the energy back and forth, this time let is flow out of your hands / fingers and collect between your hands into a hollow sphere. Keep focusing on this for some time until you feel the ball between your two hands.

Now how will you know that it is there? When the psiball is between your hands (comfortable and relaxed hands, not tensed for beginners) you will feel one or all of these:

  • warmth on your palm surface
  • tingling or feeling like ants are moving on your palms
  • attraction or repulsion between your hands

If you get such feeling, then it means the psiball is successfully made and you have psi energy ball between your hands.

Now it’s time to play with it a little. First of all, make it denser. Add more and more energy to it. Try to feel the repulsion as much as you can and increase it more and more. Fill the ball with energy and keep making it dense.

Also try moving the ball from one place to another, to only one hand, from one hand to other, compress it, expand it, and so on.

2 thoughts on “Psiballs – how to make energy balls”

  1. When I made a psi ball I felt heat and attraction. Also when I was switch hands the hand I switched to felt heavier and stiff. And my hand started to feel like a electric sensation like there was electricity running through my hand. Is this a sign of a psi ball or something more powerful? Thanks

    1. It’s good sign if you can feel the energy flowing through your hands and the attraction etc.

      Just keep doing it and practicing the next steps.

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